Resume Advice with Nicole Lennartz

Hello All! I know that it has been a bit since we have last talked but I am here to spread some love. 2020 has brought trouble and unfortunately job loss. So many people are scrambling for a job. Due to this some parts of the job hunt have become neglected. One part that alwaysContinue reading “Resume Advice with Nicole Lennartz”

Book Festival in 2020?

So I went to a Texas book fair without ever leaving my home. Wild I know! I found out that the book fair was having online panels. I signed myself but for one and I was super impressed. There were four people on the panel. They all have written some novel or set of shortContinue reading “Book Festival in 2020?”

It’s the Late Night, Double Feature…

Good Morning my friends! I have to tell you about my exciting weekend! This weekend I did two wonderful things. The first thing I did was on Halloween. After we had some candy and watched the Great Pumpkin, Barry went to bed. This meant the adults could finally fulfill a long standing Halloween tradition. AnContinue reading “It’s the Late Night, Double Feature…”

Helen “Joy” Davidman

Hello all! I have just begun reading a new book. One I will share with you in more detail soon, but for now I must tell you about the main character, Joy Davidman This woman is a genius. She graduated at 15 years old and went to college for literature. She graduated with her MastersContinue reading “Helen “Joy” Davidman”

Learning Like A Pro

Good Day my dears! I hope everything in your life is swell and dandy. Today I want to share with you about somethings I have been learning or well where. As some of you may know I have been in a state of part time jobbing and figuring out the next steps for me andContinue reading “Learning Like A Pro”

My no Good, very Wonky Day

I have to tell everyone today that I am in a smidge of a tizy. I woke up this morning and nothing seemed to be going right. Let me tell you all of the strangeness! I woke up at seven am, my normal wake up call. I took a nice shower, brushed my beard, andContinue reading “My no Good, very Wonky Day”