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In the Eyes of A Young Photographer

Photo by: Gabby Ritter

Good Morning to All my Favorite People! In the spirit of seeing new things and experiencing all parts of life, I interviewed an inspiring photographer. Her name is Gabby Ritter, you can find her at her instagram gabrielle.ritter

Now One to the Interview!

Mark: Hello Gabby! How are you today?

Gabby: I am good, ready for this photo shoot!

Mark: Before we start can I ask you a few questions about your photography?

Gabby: Alright.

Mark: What do you love about Photography?

Gabby: I love being able to capture memories in the form of a picture.

Mark: What is the coolest thing you ever took a picture of?

Gabby: The coolest thing I’ve ever taken a picture of is the moon during a lunar eclipse!!

Mark: How often do you take pictures?

Gabby: I try to go out and take pictures a couple times a month. Sometimes it changes depending on how busy my schedule is

Mark: Would you ever want a career off of this?

Gabby: I would love to be able to have a career based around photography. It’s so much fun being able to take pictures that other people envisioned and make them come true!

Mark: Thank you! Lets go do this photoshoot

So there you have folks! In the life of a young photographer. She has a lot of experience and is making her way through life. If you have any questions comment below!

With Love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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