Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Lesson Four!

Hello Folks! It’s been a whole week and its time to dive back into some 中文!

This week we will be talking about location verbs. Things like “Move the fridge up stairs”. This is actually a really complicated thing to have to say.

To be able to truly do this one of the best ways is to learn some of the directional words and then make sentences.

Directional Words have to do with the position of the speaker:
来(lai): Go towards the speaker
上(shang): Going up when the speaker is down. (Walking Up Stairs)
进(jin): Coming inside when the speaker is outside
出(chu): The speaker is taking something out
去(qu): To go away from the speaker

A sentence looks like this
把 (ba) + a noun like fridge (冰箱)+ 搬 (ban)/ 拿 (na) + motion word
Example: 把冰箱搬下去。(ba bingxiang ban xia(below)qi)

Using this structure and this picture (below) make a few practice sentences of your own to get the idea!

Resources for more information:

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