Adulting 101

Navigating Relationships

You will never in your life be in an environment like college again. Where everyone is at your level and doing the same things (generally) as you are with the same stresses. As you transition from the college environment to the adulting life there is going to be a year of major change here are some things to keep in mind.

1. You will be lonely and that’s okay!
Suddenly you don’t live with all your friends and have the same connections you did in college. You feel alone. The important part is you know that you are not truly alone and having some alone time is an important part of growing as a person.

2. Reaching out
This goes along with being lonely. You aren’t truly alone so remember to reach out you your connection network. You have to work to keep the close friendships that you have. Reach out to them! If you are feeling lonely chances are they are feeling it too.

3. Know when to let go.
If you are losing friends that is not a bad thing. We grow apart and we lose connections. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it just means that it’s time to move on. Also if you are in a toxic relationship (friend or lover) remember it’s okay to let that go. It is healthier then keeping it.

Life is constantly changing. Each event is brilliant but also hard. It’s never easy but when in doubt remember working on yourself is never a bad idea and even if you don’t feel like it right now you are okay and you will come out of this year on top. Thank you to Terri Bradford for the interview that inspired this post!

Keep Pushing Forward,
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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