Adulting 101, Money Money Money

Paying Yourself First!

Hello hello my adults in training. I hope everything has been going well. I know in the current situation of the world money has been tight. As we get back to work as soon as it is safe to and we make money once more we all have to think about what to do with our pay checks.

Normal paycheck usage goes something like this. I get my paycheck. Now that I have money I get some cool things that I want or go out eating with our friends. Then we get back to home base to realize we have a lot of bills to pay. There goes the whole paycheck! Super quick and nothing left. It sucks but IF you pay yourself first it goes more like this.

I get my paycheck and I save a good chunk of the thing. Its not as fun as spending but its totally worth it. Then pay all the bills. Then go out spending all the money you want. It’s awesome. You pay yourself first.

Try it out! Have a good weekend my adults in training.
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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