Learning Like A Pro

Good Day my dears! I hope everything in your life is swell and dandy. Today I want to share with you about somethings I have been learning or well where. As some of you may know I have been in a state of part time jobbing and figuring out the next steps for me andContinue reading “Learning Like A Pro”

Law School For You?

Hello All! I know it’s been a long time since I have posted but I am back to share some new stories! I had the pleasure of interviewing a super kind law student named Kaine Spitak. They were kind enough to answer all and any questions about their Elle Woods experience. Question One: Is lawContinue reading “Law School For You?”

After High School

No where in adulting is it said that one has to know what comes around each corner. Not to mention surprises can be rather fun. However, as rule having a plan isn’t bad. So the question is what’s the plan when the undergrad is completed. Option One: Get a JobCongrats on the degree! Why notContinue reading “After High School”

Chinese Language Lesson

Good Morning All! Today for our lesson we will not actually be learning a new grammar point but I wanted to pass on some information to you. For anyone that is interested there is a way to test your language skills in Mainland China and that is through a testing system called HSK. This isContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson”

Chinese Culture Lesson

Hello everyone! I hope we are doing well in the safety of our homes. Today in our culture lesson we will be talking about calligraphy! In China this is a practiced art form by many people. It takes years of practice and work to get to a level that is stunning to see in museumsContinue reading “Chinese Culture Lesson”

Chinese Language Lesson Eleven

早上·好!Hello my lovely butterflys! It has been a whole week since we have chatted and I have missed you dearly! I want to do a check in with everyone. If you have any questions, looking for something specific, or just want to chat let me know in the comments below. To start off today weContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson Eleven”

Blog Post for a Political Science Class

Hello Everyone (and Dr. Sweet-Cushman) today we are going to discuss what I call the Twitter Frankenstein Experiment. Let me set you the parameters before I get into what we found. Everyone in the class had followed 50 stakeholders. To be a stakeholder one must be a news site, a Politician, someone who comes acrossContinue reading “Blog Post for a Political Science Class”

Chinese Lesson Six

Hey Guys! I think today is going to be a fun vocab day. I have been throwing a lot of information without having some vocab to back you up. to quarrel; noisy :吵 even :连 to cook/prepare a meal :做饭 newspaper :报纸 advertisement :广告 vicinity/neighborhood/nearby area :附近 measure word for suite or set :套 apartmentContinue reading “Chinese Lesson Six”

Peace Corps Questions!

Good Morning Everyone! So I wanted to do a quick update on my life before I started my post. Everyone has gotten into the new school year pretty well. Berry has made some new friends at his daycare in the two year olds room and is doing really well there. Horatio loves his job andContinue reading “Peace Corps Questions!”

Graphic Art Activism

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys, girls, non-binary folk alike I have been inspired by a life changing collection of art! My mind was blown and expanded to a new larger horizon the moment I stepped into the Access + Ability exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art. I was exposed to so many different type ofContinue reading “Graphic Art Activism”